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Reviews for "these walls"


Good video with a strong message. The problem is not you, people need to come into terms and fully recognize the atrocities of our world's past. When they don't that gives people reason to say horrible things like the Holocaust never happened. Embrace history, just like you did, no matter how gritty or uncomfortable it makes you feel. This is good stuff, and people should watch it.

M1K3-B responds:

thanks for the review! im glad you liked it. This is a very touchy subject and I think people should remember it, and not forget about it.


that was creepy

M1K3-B responds:

well I wasn't exactly going for "creepy" but it was a terrible time in history.

I really really liked it.

It was good, something serious for a change! Even though i'm a complete history buff i enjoyed it a lot. Good job!


M1K3-B responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.


That touched me, the message was good. I want this to pass judgement.

M1K3-B responds:

Thank you for the review.


i think it hit the nail on the head when he tried to deliver the message. BUT, i think the subject is a little too sensitive for the style he made it with. all in all, good video, but a little in bad taste

M1K3-B responds:

Thank you for the review. I am curious though on what you meant by "the style he made it with." Yes it is a sensitive subject thats why I chose this topic to animate for my class.