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Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 8"

Oké it's stolen

I do not agree that people should place other people's movies here but why can't we just make an exception for Xiao Xiao
Cause These movies/games ROCK
And yes I now the guy who made this stuff doesn't even know Newwgrounds.com ( how the hell is that possible)
but what he doesn't now can't hurt us



This is bullshit, Zhu Zhu does know this site, he submitted number seven himself. Just give him time, and he was going to submit this one too. I like how you want to give credit to him and all, and send it over to his account, but really...you should have at least asked him if he wanted you to submit this for him (He does Understand English)

Always waiting for more.....

Dude i don't know how you do it but you make stick figures un crap like i just wanna say i love ur movies

Always loved Xiao Xiao.

I've always loved every one of the Xiao Xiao movies, and this one is no excepting. Keep on...doing whatever the hell it is you're doing, which is what everyone wants to be able to do, hehe :D


It could be said that stick fighting was created by stickdeath.com but I would have to say that it was perfected by you