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Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 8"


This is great man, its amazing, all Xiao Xiao are amazing. Plz tell me when the continuation of this is coming out! Can't wait!

That was good

That was good. I saw the NO.7 and it was alot better than this one. I think these cartoons are great! I wish I could make cartoons like this but I cant. Can you show me how? Im going to see if I could make a stick cartoon like this. Heres my email: jefferson76@msn.com


It says to be continued, and its been like half a fucking year and guess what? it still aint here! i like xiao xiao but watching the same old shit gets boring so get ur ass moving dude..... oh yea nice movie....


excellent as all the others are. the great execution of the gun fight scene was very involving even if you arent a huge fan of stick figures youll still think this was top notch. The car chase seen was to good especially the part where the truck smashed into the motor cycle and they did the 3-camera angle renactment.


I cant wait any longer, finish this, please!

please, please, pretty, pretty please, i love your movies, they are the pinacle of stick movies, can i put em on my site, please?