Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 8"


That was sweet dude! They just keep gettin' better and better! It's amazing how good graphics are, especially for a stick movie!

-psycho 0.o

Good job

I agree with Flash-Cube(the review prior to mine). I think the old Xiao Xiao was great, the way he just went out tehre an kicked ass. It was great, this movie was great as well, I mean, it's a Xiao Xiao movie, where can you go wrong? Well, I love the entire Xiao Xiao series and I'd love to see more of them.

that was cool!

I thinh the 'old' style Xiao Xiao was better then this 'adventure' Xiao Xiao. Don't get me wrong!! I love this movie!! But the 'old' style Xiao Xiao's are better..........


This is great man, its amazing, all Xiao Xiao are amazing. Plz tell me when the continuation of this is coming out! Can't wait!

That was good

That was good. I saw the NO.7 and it was alot better than this one. I think these cartoons are great! I wish I could make cartoons like this but I cant. Can you show me how? Im going to see if I could make a stick cartoon like this. Heres my email: jefferson76@msn.com