Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 8"

And not another was released. Instead, it was a game and a City plaza ad

extrodinatly slow plotline. The start of your series was action packed and very creative. So action packed it nearly released adrenaline just watching it. You are moving far off in the wrong directing introducing fire arms, vehicles, and very long action-less chases with very slow plots. I do not care what happens to the main character at this point, I would actually be happy if you never wrapped things up and just started a new plot all together as long as its nothing like this one. Needless to say this animation shows 0 creativity. Any one could have came up with a plot as lousy as this. There's just some general gun fire and a car chase. This falls far in comparison to your more simple animations.

Perhaps what made your previous episodes great (with the exception of number 7 which was also lacking creativity) is the lack of a plot all together. Before it was just very well organized madness, which I loved.

Need part 3 wait u said that xiao xiao 9 is the game? i forgot>

Wheres part 3? You said to be continued... but no mutilator 3 :( that bad...

Yes,Poor Xiao Xiao