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Reviews for "Long Snake is Long"


what was that about a guy screaming snake for a very long time. I dont know why i like it but i do

Murk responds:

Its all a rich tapestry.


I'm guessing you lost your voice

Murk responds:

Hah! Heck no, we've been playing around with other voice acting stuff for hours.


xD rofl, you frkn bastard, I had the volume very high and wasn't listenning a thing, that really scared me xD lol, and I waited till you or whoever it was, stop yelling dmt... ...end was funny

Murk responds:

*hands you some ear medicine*


very funny
but it didnt rlly have anything in it
not enof to get a good score
sry dude


Murk responds:

Its cool. I don't care. ;P

loud and annoying

ugh, what the title says

Murk responds:

Love you too, you humorous potato.