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Reviews for "Long Snake is Long"

that was awesome

great!i love mgs and this is so true!if you want vids to stop repeating in the future,go to the last frame right click it go to actions and input

stop(); and that should do the trick,btw great job i loved it 5/5

Murk responds:

I'm no stranger to actionscript. I just really didn't care. :)


I lol'd. Very funny.

Murk responds:

Domo arigato, Mr. JBoto.

It is Stupid

It was the most stupid thing i've ever seen or heard. However, it was very funny... I liked it

Murk responds:

Stupid is as stupid stupids.

heh heh

Now.....Breath....Take a deep breath....You deserve it :P

You must have some big lungs or something because that was, by far, the longest Snake death sequence ever created .

And, to top it all off, he's still alive at the end XD

Should of made Snake say something like "Seriously.....I know you liked me but jeez"....Or something....Yeeeah.

Murk responds:

I didn't breathe in nearly enough at the beginning, I might try for a longer one in the future.

Loved it!

I just wanted to write a review that doesn't just say "SNAAAA...AAKE!".

But I liked it. It was good.