Reviews for "Dino Run"

Super Jaffa

You're obviously BLIND because you can't see the GIANT PIXELJAM Logo in the intro.
Not only that but the fact that the XGEN lable appears RIGHT after that. PIXELJAM Needed XGENS help for multiplayer.
Now about Dino Run.
I gotta say that I fucking love it. I play it everyday for hours on end. I still have yet to find all the super eggs though and I have yet to play insane difficulty...I'm fairly sure I don't want to though.
Although you tried to make it retro it only looks retro. REAL retro games couldn't have physics, effects, or multiple sounds playing at the same time without some cracking up. I don't really hold that against you though because it still has that retro feel to it, and in the end that's all that really matters.

I hope to see updates and upgrades to this game, because I really enjoy it. Plus the fact that it's like, the only cool thing left to do on the internet nowadays.
In other words, moar Dino Run plz.
Just to clarify, I did think about my rating.
10/10 (duh)
5/5 (Also duh)

this is to all the n00bs

this game is originally from kongregate, which it says in description. its an awsome game, and most likely took a while. so dont critisize.

This game scares the shit outta me.

Like, I love it but I can never play it because I get so freaked out hahaha. I suck at games where I'm being chased. Great game, though. And some people have mentioned the graphics being sucky, but I think they're perfect for this style game. Very vintage, I love it. :)


I was waiting for this to happen, I beta tested the game and let me tell you it's come a long way, and it turned out fantastic. It is quite deep so take time to explore everything! Thanks to the guys a pixeljam for another great game!

put in cheat...

din8tosaur, SOOO.. MANY... HATS...
anyway what a fun game played for like 40 mins straight :) ill be comin back for sure