Reviews for "Dino Run"

Spent hours on this game as a child

Game of my childhood...

The dinosaurs must have a lot of stamina!

This game is now working again thanks to TomFulp. :D

I recall playing this game back in the day and it was really fun to try seeing how far I could get as fast as possible.

The graphics are pixels and remind me of older NES games but with a slightly better framerate and smoother moving animations.

The music is also perfect for the game, it does not drown out the sound effects or distract the player from the game itself.

The gameplay is simple in that you want to run to the end as fast as possible while collecting as many eggs as you can to upgrade your dino for better times and speed.

Overall, very fun game. :)

I've loved this game since I first played in 2011. God-given classic.