Reviews for "Dino Run"

My favorite game, EVER.

There's only one problem I can see. The doom wall advances too fast. So if you ever stop to try to get something (like a giant egg for instance), you die.


This was put together so well, and it was really entertaining not to mention it had some new elements that I haven't seen from scrolling games. This was so good and obvious that a lot of effort went into it. I have no complaints this was sublime.

Graphics don't matter

This game was and still is, amazing. With so many elements, im glad its like 8 bit graphics. Soo many different things at once in a graphically intensive game would fry my computer. Kinda like me trying to download a single finger from crysis, its just too much if the graphics were better than this. Plus, it adds a comical atmosphere to the escape.

Oh, emm, gee.

This is, without a doubt, the best game I've found yet on Newgrounds. I'll continue playing untill I've found all the secrets.

I like it

It's really cool,but how do you get the cheats and mods.