Reviews for "Dino Run"

Love this game, it's a classic. I first played it on XGen Studios for my first time I'd say back around 2011'ish, still a very fun pixelated game.

Hello everyone, my name is "Rotor" and this is my first review. : )

I really enjoyed the game, It's simple, addicting and fun. I recommend this game if you just want to pass time and enjoy some indie games, It's a runner type of game, not infinite as far as I can see, there's probably a infinite run mode somewhere, but I'm not sure if that exist since I haven't finished the game yet. Other than that, It's pretty cool. I totally recommend it to people that are bored and just want to have that plain old fun.

The graphics are really not that good, which is expected since It's the art style, but I think they could do a lot more with it, like shadows and more saturated colors, but It's pleasing to the eye and this is just a nit pick. It doesn't really affect the gameplay that much.

SOUNDS = 7/10
There's nothing much here besides some simple tracks, which makes the game more lively but It's not something memorable. It's just there to fill the gap. I still like it though and that's all that matters.

GAMEPLAY = 10/10
I really don't think I have any criticism about the gameplay, It's fast, fun and addictive, you have this dinosaur fella that has to run for his dear life because an asteroid is about to hit earth obliterating everything in it's path, and you have to run. There are multiple levels and each of them are identical to one another but the path and difficulty are all different. It's very fun and I have no complaints.

OVERALL = 9/10
I really enjoyed "Dino Run" and I think It's a good game to waste your time on. I wholly recommend it to everyone who likes simple yet fun games.

Brings back good memories, I remember having a good time playing the multiplayer version of this.

This is a really fun game! I love dinosaurs, and I love the style of this game!

This game brings me back to when I didnt know how to beat any game. Its nice. Its nostalgic.