Reviews for "Dino Run"

this is fucking good:D

feckin good kinda rero:)
ma favourite next 2 thing thing

Aggre with ace

how do you put its stats up?? and every time i goto the main menu and back on i have to start from stage 1

This is one of my favorite games.

I love it so much, I love everything about it almost, I love how the dino changes color and everything over time and when you beat different things and how you can upgrade him and his stats and everything,

This game is definatley too good for newgrounds, but idk if I would have found it if it wasnt on Newgrounds so yeah great job lol xDDD




And this really makes you realize how something like this would look if it had really good graphics, I think you should make a new one that is like this except a lot better with so much better graphics

So keep up the great amazing work!!11

lol xD


i love the cool doom but i hate the black stuff


plz make a sequel!!!!