Reviews for "Tank_Defense"


Fairly solid but nothing terribly origional.

Not being able to move at angles was a bit of a pain.

There should enough lag between the last enemy in the wave and the upgrade screen that you can at least try to get the upgrades that are dropped on the battlefield.

Pink tanks aren't very intimidating by the way xD

As far as play mechanics it seemed pretty solid, it doesn't take long before you're ungodly powerful though.

I really dug the accuracy and the "by the skin of your teeth" bonuses. Nice touch.


it does need way more upgrades but its alright

pretty engaged

may not be the newest concept but made solid and with many features a good game should have.

Only highscore missing - I completed the whole game with 1068 points.

twistedduck responds:

Nice! You can submit score at the sponsor's site: itch.com

I liked it

I think you should add some more upgrades, it was pretty good though. Make a sequel with more upgrades! lol

twistedduck responds:

Already working on it ;)


are you kidding me?

twistedduck responds:

Could you elaborate on what you mean?