Reviews for "Tank_Defense"

Needs work

The graphics are decent, and could improve(the bullets looked ugly). The animation was pretty good, and I liked the fact that this had music.
However, the gameplay could use a lot of work. The screen is too small, in my opinion, and I wished the tank could move better, and more fluid. Also, I disliked how the tanks had the inability to shoot after a lot of levels, nad how the aiming wasn't that good(include cross-hair)


This game is terrible...

Not in the sense of horrible uselessness like clock crew, but that it lacks anything deserving of the score that it has at the moment.

If I can get my reload time low enough to look like I am swinging around a big chain there is something wrong.
If I can hold the mouse down for 2 seconds and still kill a boss after I have let go of the mouse there is something wrong.
If I finish the game first try in 5 mins it is way too short.
If I get awards for not moving, but it requires me to mve on many levels I find that redundant.
If I don't understand what an award means and I have no means of learning than all this means that this game sucks and needs to be improved greatly.

Pretty much tiv has hit the nail on the head about this game.

Too easy =\

Once you've got your reload rate maxed out, you're pretty much god. i stood in a corner and shot into the opposite corner across the screen and i won +_+


might need to work on that.

it's good

it's good but its too easy...if u max the reload time its so easy...
but the game him self is quite good

Totally sucked.

- The fact that you can't go diagonally kind of ruined the game.
- Bullets are way off and shitty looking and monotonous.
- Shit for upgrades. What about armor, different bullets, power-ups, etc. There is so much more you could of put to make it look at least like a signature game, but now it looks like a crappy tutorial.
- More music, just because that one keep looping and pissing me off.
- This might be a stretch, but what about levels? You could have as many waves as you want per level, but at least change the scenery and types of tanks.
- Randomness would break the singularity. After playing this game so throughly, I figured out where everybody would be.
- Save mode.
- Options menu. You can put difficulty, quality, save/load, unlockables or achievements, cheats, credits, etc.
- What about effects? Smoke trails, burned ground, something. It's just so plain.
- I think personally what would be cool is tank upgrades such as speed, armor, different and faster bullets. At the same time, the graphics get upgraded too. That would be cool.
- Fuck MochiAds.
- Do the badges actually do anything?
- Tank colors. If anything, please make more colors either random or availible. Many different types of starting tanks and as you progress farther, better tanks get unlocked. Or better parts such as wheels, canon, plating, etc.
- More sound effects. Especially on the main menu. Graphics and better OnDown effects would be cool.
- The way your tanks shoot look like shit too, bullet just magically appears, retarded. The bullet should come out of the canon. Maybe you could layer it that way or something.

Ok, I'm all done reviewing it. I just really can't stand your game at all. Complete trash.
0/5 and 0/10.

twistedduck responds:

Thank you very much for this feedback - I really appreciate it, and it will come in very handy for any future games I make.