Reviews for "Chrono Trigger - Lucca (remix)"

gd stuff

song is great... just please add me to MSN (higgzy002@hotmail.co.uk) or email me (higgzy002@aol.com) and tell me what programs you use as it would be nice to learn :) xD Thankz n keep up the gd S**T! Bub-i nw! \m/(>_o)\m/

kliker responds:

I send you an e-mail about music creators

Yes Finally!

This has to be one of my favorite songs off of chrono trigger. Thank God someone finally remixed it!
Keep em comin!

holy shit

its like like zelda at beggining but man i love this music so much im putin it in favs


I got the tingling feeling when i listen to it.

Cool to !

It is like 'hope' feeling , love ya.