Reviews for "Chrono Trigger - Lucca (remix)"

Yes Finally!

This has to be one of my favorite songs off of chrono trigger. Thank God someone finally remixed it!
Keep em comin!

Lucca's Name

Heh, on my game file, I decided to call her Loser..


Dude its about time somone remixed this. Awesome! Incredible work!

If you got time check out my stuff ya?

*shouts "CHRONO TRIGGER AND ALL THE FINAL FANTASY GAMES ARE THE BEST!!!" then gets blown up by a bunch of "halo" fans*


He's right actually, it is missing something... it is good as is but maybe if you built on it. This won't make it better, it's just my idea, but I would start off simple, or maybe just the way you did it was fine, but then as more of the song went along I'd add a fancier drum role thingy or maybe some harmony (because the melody is good, it needs a counter melody to make it shout brilliance!).


good stuff! i liked the drums in the beginning intro. i think you could have done something more because it sounded kind of plain but still really good. can't go wrong with CT!

kliker responds:

I done new version of Lucca's theme. I'll upload it tommorow, because it's 2-file limit... It's better than last version.