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Reviews for "Tsunami Prequel 1 Pt.2"

Absolutely anticipating the complete series!

Yo! This comment really stretches over all the series parts as opposed to just this episode. Congratulations on making a truly astonishing animation! I'm also a huge fan of Genndy Tartokfsky and have not eagerly awaited a web series as much since Xombie.

I tried to find the original web comic you mention that this is based on but I couldn't find it. I would love to check it out if you could point out where I can. Keep up the great work!



glenbw responds:

HI NinJAXD! Glad you like the show here, though it would have been better to show it in its full original glory (instead of three parts). I just realize something when I talk with my fellow co-creators, the Santos Brothers, about the original web comic and sadly enough, you won't find it: it's the SCRIPT that the brothers won in a contest and it's thought to be turned into a web comic. Too bad they both eventually refused due to the judges' decisions to alter the characters' personalities and such. Hope that will clear all sorts of confusion here!

- Glen

Very good!

Along with the first part this animation manage a good storyline, the animation is also very good and the style is interesting, the quality isn't that good but that's not important, I really like this project. Keep the good job!


this is like theater status. I feel like this is an underground masterpiece that only so many people will ever stumble apon... also, I hope you put out all of your works on newgrounds even if it is half as good as this, because this is very proffessional


Even in the small size the details are great. Drawing things such as machinery and coming up with a good voice talent already made it good, but then it has an interesting story building on it. You've grabbed my attention pretty well!

glenbw responds:

Thanks, JRHelios! Your remarks have helped me a lot in building up my self-esteem! Expect more from us soon!

- Glen

Why didn't this win an award???

Your work is amazing!
It is professional quality...
Reminds me of Samurai Jack...

The story is cool...
and the voices are terrific...

I don't get why this isn't on TV!