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Reviews for "Tsunami Prequel 1 Pt.2"


I thought it was pretty good. Im surprised this doesnt have a higher score for some reason.. I see crap that gets front page that is half the quality of your animation skills. Great job. Im off to watch pt. 3.

Highly Unique, Grossly Underrated

You've really got something good here, man. The style is highly unique and cool, and honestly I enjoyed every second of it. I LOVE the art style, it makes the flick seem truly artistic, and I'm enjoying the story so far, the story of Atlantis has always intrigued me. The mechanical animations from part 1 look great, and make me think about the mech animations of Samurai Jack, one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Even the voice acting is good here.

I have one complaint: The screensize. the screensize is so tiny, I have to practically put my forehead to the screen. Also, you don't have an SWF version of this, man? If you had used the original SWF instead of video, you could have doubled the size, got my perfect 10 and probably a better score. I see some haters already. Ignore 'em. It's going to be a sick series.

glenbw responds:

HI YungJazz,

Thanks for your great remarks on the prequel trailer! Too bad I'm not used to Flash too often, though other factors cause this one to suffer a lot: 1) Trying to compress its already massive file size is a real headache (even when it's split into three) and 2) Newgrounds doesn't allow files which are larger than 10 MB, so there are some noticeable flaws that can't be avoided. Anyway, I never expect to create such a fancy show with flashy SFX for the moment; my only purpose here is to tell a good story, that's what matters.

- Glen

Absolutely anticipating the complete series!

Yo! This comment really stretches over all the series parts as opposed to just this episode. Congratulations on making a truly astonishing animation! I'm also a huge fan of Genndy Tartokfsky and have not eagerly awaited a web series as much since Xombie.

I tried to find the original web comic you mention that this is based on but I couldn't find it. I would love to check it out if you could point out where I can. Keep up the great work!



glenbw responds:

HI NinJAXD! Glad you like the show here, though it would have been better to show it in its full original glory (instead of three parts). I just realize something when I talk with my fellow co-creators, the Santos Brothers, about the original web comic and sadly enough, you won't find it: it's the SCRIPT that the brothers won in a contest and it's thought to be turned into a web comic. Too bad they both eventually refused due to the judges' decisions to alter the characters' personalities and such. Hope that will clear all sorts of confusion here!

- Glen