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Reviews for "Subterfuge"

Level select button

Almost exactly like stratego with slightly different units and you don't reveal units when you attack. I thought it was great.

One absolute huge must-fix, however,
ADD A LEVEL SELECT BUTTON!! <Caps for ultra-noticeable-ness

I think I was on the sixth level or something and the game froze (possibly a glitch happens when you kill every enemy unit but the two leaders?) and I couldn't jump back to the level. The game was fun, but I have little interest in replaying each level to try to get back to it. So yah, level select is a must in my book.

Other than that, great game. Looks cool, has a storyline, and was fun to play (until it freezes and you have to start over).

Not bad. Not perfect either.

Not a half bad game. I love playing chess and stratego, and the whole strategy aspect is great. Especially the Challenges... wow my brain hurt after that.

however the lack of action, for instance when a assasin takes a mercenary, a movie shows an assasin walking up to the mercenary and stabs him in the back or somthin. ofcourse for all the easilly disturbed, there should be a way to disable that but its just a thought.

Another is mebbe a multiplayer mode, oooor a high score thing, of who beat the game fastest, with as few loses, both combined, and best at challenges.

hopefully this helps with a subterfuge 2.0, to which i look forward too ^_^V

pretty good

fun game, but freezes sometimes

Geat game but has i have problems during gameplay

no comment

Good Game

Not A Bad Game... It Reminds Me Of Checkers...