Reviews for "Unique"

Deserves high ratings

This is a game deserving high ratings however there was such a large canvas but only a small portion of this was used. This makes differentiating between the symbols very hard.

However Very nicely animated and it seems this game has conquered the secret to any great flash game : NOVELTY. With each new addition to the gameplay like different shapes, letters, changing colours and rotating makes for interesting and addictive gameplay.

GG but perhaps put the game through testing your friends family or co-workers to get these opinions.

very good BUT...

the con here is that..its too way too short. its a good game would be a 10 if it would at least be a bit longer


it was pretty odd


My favorite part is the smooth effects and attractive looks. The idea is good, but it got a little boring after a while. Maybe more rapidly increasing difficulty would solve this problem? Anyway, great, 9/10!

Cool Game

This game is great for the brain. I think that we alll could learn something with this game. Cool graphics. Keep up the good work :D