Reviews for "Unique"

good but couldnt get on leaderboard

i think i did pretty well with a score of 141,187 but every1 on the leaderboard had over 171,000

Coaly responds:

Yea there are always people that score really high...170k is much better than I could do.

good game

the music good, the graphics good, its sure as hell a challenge, and made it to the 60th lvl but then i ran out of time

Coaly responds:

Well actually it goes till level 50 and then stops. :]


this game was soo tricky...
i guess i can say its challenging to...
but it wasnt hehehe

suprised me :P

when i first saw tht it was a 'spot the difference' i thought it would be complete crap - but this game is great and the graphics rock!!


not bad. enjoyable.