Reviews for "Unique"

Not fun.

Sure it has you think as good puzzle games do but I didn't have a lot of fun playing this game, it was just point and click.

Coaly responds:

At least it has you think as good puzzle games do. Thanks.


I wanted to see if I got one of the high scores but when I clicked on highscore table,it popped up blank.What stunt are you trying to pull.


This game does exactly what it set out to do, and did in in a unique way-it wasn't just starein at 2 pictures 'till you see the difference. It is pretty easy, but I don't think it was supposed to be hard, and it's relaxing-the last level is kinda difficult, though! The only gripe I have is that it's all over so quick-a little more content would have been nice, like more levels, or maybe levels that have 2 that are different, or stuff like that, but yeah, other than that, it's great!


Good idea, but extremely easy.


Love this game! The only thing was that some "obstacles" (like the color changes) actually helped me find the different one faster.