Reviews for "Unique"


No trouble for me ><

this was mad easy

i had no trouble at all

Great, but...

I was expecting at least one level where it would be pairs, and you had to find the one different, thus causing the person to be thrown off

Eg: A, A, B, C, B, E, D, D, C

Of course, it would be more complex than that

A very unique puzzle, with a unique twist!

It's great how the puzzle kept your attention on the center spreading outwards to solve the puzzle. Music was chilling, very soft and didn't cause stress. Effective use of the space to not overly distract you to lose, but overall 10/10, 5/5!

It's ok

It good be hard with more spread out images but its really good quality with great music that relaxes you when you play. The concept is great and the images could be bigger but with file size limits I can't blame you. I have enjoyed this game though and if you make it a little better i'll give you a 10 but its still good so I'll give you 8/10 4/5