Reviews for "Unique"


some one on the score board is cheat engine :| who is the duch?

Coaly responds:

idk, but I deleted him.

Very good

It was too short though, and easy. There was only one shape that I couldn't get within one second. To make it harder, perhaps you could specify that the player should match only the shapes, and you vary the colors of the odd object/circle in each level to distract the eye.

fun while it lasted.

great idea for a game, but took me like 3 minutes and was way too easy. try more levels, harder levels, and something more then rotating pieces. maybe they can move all over the place something tricky like that.


kinda fun...very simple but gets harder and harder then the start spinning and changing colors and its pretty hard

kinda boring though

pretty fun

was hard at the end, but it was fun, I won with a score of about 12k. Just dont use that color green if you make another game like this, it was a little too bright and made it hard to tell the difference some times.