Reviews for "Unique"


until getting to the colors, im color blind so it got confuzing.
it was a great game.

fun, very good

it's a good brain training game.
its quite fun and addicting.
i got 142,477
missed highscore by at east 40,000 points lol.
anyway fun game.

I really liked it!

It was fun, basic, but nice. I thought it wasn't too short at all. Actually I felt it was the perfect length. I don't know why but this reminded me of a TV show called "Psych" something makes me think Shawn would enjoy, and pwn, this game. :P

Well Done

Absolutely beautiful. a little too easy and i agree with the comments made before me, it should have more levels and progress into something harder but overall i'm very pleased. i just wish it was longer!!!

Aww man...

Right When I was getting in to the game... guess what.... IT ENDED.

Moral of review: THAT WAS TOO SHORT