Reviews for "Super Maze Bros. 1"


I played it normal for the first time. Then you said about the right click. So I tried that out. :)
It's a fun game. I got scared at first that a screamer would come up. So I backed away from the screen. ^^


I actually did the mazes. It took awhile, but I did it. I thought the paths were a little thin, though.


now i feel bad for cheating... wah


I owned your crappy pics w/ no ch337s nOOb! L33L!

Anyway, good job, nice art, fun challenge if you don't cheat

make more pics on a second one


Hahaha, can you believe I actually finished this game twice (once with right-click and once without) before realizing that you were not allowed to move the cursor over the black lines? x) And of course, this means it is a bit glitchy, try to fix that. Otherwise it was a fun game!