Reviews for "Super Maze Bros. 1"

Well, ah...

I didn't really like it. I mean, it's an OK concept, but for the first while I couldn't figure our how to play it. I mean, there are no instructions. Also, using your cursor to get through is not what I expected at all. I give this a 3 because I do see potential in the concept. Untill then, practice, practice, practice!


without cheating this was hard but you could add colour otherwise good


I played it normal for the first time. Then you said about the right click. So I tried that out. :)
It's a fun game. I got scared at first that a screamer would come up. So I backed away from the screen. ^^


i right clicked, and yeah, it was pointless. the game was good, and the message at the end is pretty funny. lol

Funny Mini-Game!

The Drawings were good and the Music also....so 5/10