Reviews for "Super Maze Bros. 1"

My mouse sucks and I won!

It was difficult I wanted to cheat but I didn't I just to beat though, and with a crappy mouse like mine I wouldn't doubt it being even harder to beat. Great job on the game it just needs music and color.


LOL 1 -> Clicked Ch33t3D Cuz U Dun Haz teh AS 5KI112 2 Disable -> Click!!!

Just kidding, I did though. It is a good concept, but disable cheating if you complain about it.
Also, don't end teh game if I touch wall, it's annoying.

Good pictures

The drawings were well done and the mazes were hard, a bit of colour would add to the whole affair and more originality. Add a gimmick which makes your maze game different (and more fun) than everyone else's.

I didn't use the rigt click cheat i used the left.

..click cheat, i will explain, all you have to do is click and hold the left button till you get to the end, but stoll nice game but i'm sorry i have to give it a low score it's just that i now it's going to get blamed, and also i just don't like maze games, cos of the right click cheat.still good effort.


i think theres a flaw or something because within the first 2 levels i just double clicked the circle and the character never flashed. so those were easy wins. I didnt even realize it was a puzzle hahah, so i touched all of the "walls"