Reviews for "Super Maze Bros. 1"

lol ?

you peeple who thinks this is hard without cheating is very dumb xD


I owned your crappy pics w/ no ch337s nOOb! L33L!

Anyway, good job, nice art, fun challenge if you don't cheat

make more pics on a second one

Okay, I like it

It is a good game, I played through it once right clicking, then you made me feel guilty. So I did it withought the cheat.
Oh, and the mario level always glitches, I go right through the line of his arm to the goal

I did it!!!

Without right clicking!!!
You can draw really good!!!

Ok but a bit Buggy

Bug: Once you click the start hold down the mouse and you can move right to the end without failing. Works on every level, opps!