Reviews for "Super Maze Bros. 1"

I like it

theres a way to disable the right click cheat (i dont know how) I liked the mazes, but the bowser one had the start and finish at the same time, I had to use the cheat to figure out which one was the start.


when I realized that i was cheating, i could`t beat any more levels! =P

Good gameplay (a bit too hard, maybe...), good drawings... try to work with those glitches and some instructions at the beginning could be nice =)

good luck!


Hahaha, can you believe I actually finished this game twice (once with right-click and once without) before realizing that you were not allowed to move the cursor over the black lines? x) And of course, this means it is a bit glitchy, try to fix that. Otherwise it was a fun game!

To be honest

It isnt a great game, it really isnt butit is reasonable. It could do with more levels. However the only prob is that you can cheat really easy and there are no instructions, it took me a minute to work out what to do. So overall, its reasonable but could be a lot better

Dude to easy without cheating

the game was to easy.I beat it without cheating.Try way harder next time and youll get a posotive reveiw.Sry about the bad news.You can grasp a good reveiw with a harder game.