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Reviews for "DD&BT : The Super Show"

The Super Show? Absolutely, an epic

For starters the length, dear god. It just kept going on and on, and in the good way that you want. Now i know why you apologized to viewers for a wait, the work done on this was well spent.

All the characters made very individual performances, and its good to see each flavor in the mix. With the addition of the bosses we all grew up at the arcade or at home with, it got my nostalgia going. In sprites like this i always quietly hope for a trip down memory lane and thats exactly what i got, with outstanding gaming humor blended within.

Animation and detail was about as high as i have seen it for some time in a sprite flash. From the action FPS to the brilliant speech bubble style and font used within, it was pleasing to the eye and allowed for a comfortable sit back and enjoy. And then came the sound.

Sound was a list almost as long as the flash window of gaming classic tunes and a few tracks from the real world. I'd point out i 'think' the final tune right before the credits from The Matrix was Rob Dougan and not Moby. Anyhow they provided a sufficient backdrop to all the action and emoted some scenes rather well.

The only things i have to critique were some of the pregnant pauses in your piece. At times the action stopped and while I'm sure you thought it added to an effect or suspense, it was more of an interruption. Also, the scene with the Lee brothers and death by fire again too slow for the rest of the flash and felt awkward.

Altogether though it was a wonderful flash nearly start to finish, and worth the few minutes required to take it all in. Thank you very much for all your hard work Rebaz and look forward to future projects in anticipation.






So random and funneh!

Good job!


I love that F-zero car flying off the bridge.

Very entertaining and funny. I understood all the parodies except for the last one.