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Reviews for "DD&BT : The Super Show"


retarded moment??? yeah i know
I missed those kind of sprites movie
even the awesome final fight! XD 5/5 10/10

LOL ....

L O fucking L bro ..... ur nuts .....

i see ur still at it.



This is STRANGE! And I LOVE it!

This movie is hard to describe, it takes a relatively simple concept and turns it into a tripfest which had to be induced by at least 10 illegal substances of some kind while having a sugar rush! What I'm trying to say is, this movie is REALLY weird.

It starts off with Billy and Jimmy fighting, pretty basic, nothing special, but then all of a sudden Jimmy gets a boner and shoots it at Billy, why...why would you put a COCK ROCKET in the movie, HOW COULD YOU PUT A COCK ROCKET IN THE MOVIE!

The whole thing is just plauged by starnge moments like that, not to say that this is a bad movie though, HELL NO! This movie KICKS ASS, it's just so freaking weird that it really freaks me out, the characters randomly warp from on top of a building to space with no rhyme or reason, and they do the same warping from some grassy cliff area to some temple, it's like watching The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

All the classic random gags are present, well, almost all of them. There's a Shoop da Woop, which would have been funnier if you used the face, but who am I to nitpick...I just hit myself with that didn't I? You also had a point where something happened and then played in reverse and then went forward again, all of a sudden it feels like a Mario's Head Youtube Poop. You even interrupt a great free for all with a random dance contest, okay, that...is really freaking funny!

All in all, it's a random movie that made no sense, had no reason, had no purpose, and that's why this is one of the best time wasters I've ever watch, it's so freaking stupid, that it's just AWESOME!

This is why randomness is funny, as long as it's not a crappy clip show of stolen animations and clips, it just KICKS ASS!


This video gives me a boner.