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Reviews for "DD&BT : The Super Show"

Rabbez is still the master of randomness

Well, fuck me in the ass, the wait was long, but i could "beta-test" it before, and i loved it. Too bad, this fucker didn't want to include the "SHADDAP"- Megaman. :<

The cliff scene is my favorite, along with the ugly snake.


So awesome.

That was some funny stuff man,i'm glad to see Battletoads in a flash for once and not only did it have them but also Double Dragon too which was cool,this was also quite long and very well made and some funny ass antics with it also i see you pulled out the Double Dragon 3 joke of Bimmy instead of Jimmy,overall this was one of the best Double Dragon parodies i've seen,hope to see more from you in the future.


I loved it the black dude was so random lol.

Bout fucken time your back!!!

You prolly dont Remember me but i sent you a messege saying you were better than rodger, and yea i still think that. You still got it bitch! so make more!

Very good movie, im glad to see a sprite animation

rebaz responds:

no x_X, Roger is THA BEST MAYNE!!!

this is madness!