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Reviews for "DD&BT : The Super Show"

Another great old skool art!

Hello man!

Yep, you are right .. it's been a while... but the scene keeps alive with this great efforts like yours: the few one's left.

I really enjoyed this new work you share us..

There are a lot of stuff to say ... so the blue toad is Pimple? (the most unseing of the 3 toads).. so, the inclusion of the 3 toads was a great idea: the greatest thing of the pure olk skoolers artist is that they take into consieration the details ..that's wat amuse and amaze us more than anything (more than just "cute" drawings .. you know what I mean)..

And what about the Mario bros scene... just damn exellent! .. LOL ..how I laught with it XD

The final battle .. a classic from you since always (I missed out the gray ending by the way)..

About the soundtrack .. you've alwas have a great taste about choosing it, including backgound sounds (like the punshes, flying kicks, and so on)..

And well, in general terms, I consider that this has been the crasiest of all the stuff you've done! LOL ..damn ..what about the dance, the rock throwing machine.. the spaceship... LOL

Thanks a lof for it man :D



ps. are you really really serious about stopping the old skool work? it's not a demand .. it's just .. well, you know why :)

rebaz responds:

thanks for this awesome review. these reviews used to pump the hell up out of me, but motivation is gone, and i'm getting older. i dont have time for flash etc etc, and its not relevant to my interest anymore,.... i'm just sorry too all my fans/friends.
but i dont think i'l post something, soon or ever again...

-Rebaz Talei


that was funny as hell, but the real bts were not named bimmy and linny

rebaz responds:

.....dude xD...are you serious? i knew they werent called like that
it was rash pimple and zitz. lol. this whole shit is random, you diasgtpkl\dgh

i dont wanna talk about it lol, xD

pure randomness all the way

laughed allll the way



So random and funneh!

Good job!

How in the world did i miss this?

amazing. It was so long too. So much random shit going on. Everything was perfect.

Front page worthy.