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Reviews for "DD&BT : The Super Show"

hey man...

i've watched this flash soo many times and for some reason it never gets boring to me....and i can't believe you quit dude, you the only guy i know that can actually make good double dragon flashes or a double dragon flash with tom jones music in it?......anyway, i hope your legacy will be carried on to the right person. good luck with whatever else it is that you want to do and i wish you the best on it. hopefully one day you get so fuckin bored that you'll pull like a jay-z and just come back for no reason at all, until then take care man

rebaz responds:

mehh, dunno man, i'm just down at moments, like in , my animate motivation is not around anymore, its like after you wank, and you dont want to wank anymore, because you came? and the feeling is gone, thats what i got with flash(i know ,, bad example) but forever.....

-Rebaz Talei

lol pretty funny

well done dude, it was pretty funny but kinda hard to understand..random though, so that's what made up for it. the battletoads thing was a cool addition too.

make moar :o

<3 :D

rebaz responds:



This is hilarious.

LOL ....

L O fucking L bro ..... ur nuts .....

i see ur still at it.

Good Stuff

It's was Soooo Funny and yeah i was like Wtf but laughed all the way man all my 5s to this!!!!!!!