Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"

Nice game

The game is a good game if it didn't say it was a first I would've thought that a pro made it. there were a couple of mistakes though there should be a penalty whenever you hit the wrong button, the archers should fire faster the and if this is a typing game why the hell do you have to use the bloody arrows keys! Just to sum it up this game gets a 8.

;D Nice

This game is well done, I loved playing it and it might even have increased my typing skill XD. But I see no need for the archers there are slow and pratically useless. Maybe if the archers was bit fast at firing then they might actually hep me somehow. Other than that GREAT GAME!! ^-^;

A great typing game

this is one of the best typing defense games ive ever played. the only problem that i see with the game is that once a blinder gets you, its very hard to recover from it. when it goes white by the time you come back you are down from a star and by the time you get up another blinder has blinded you causing another star thrower to hit you. other than this it is a great game.

Could be better

I suggest you use bigger words, other than just four lettered words (You may have used more but I didn't really feel like playing through the whole game). And I'm not sure but I think hard mode and easy mode are switched or something because I got no more than a 3 hit combo on easy and got like a 30 on hard. Other than that it's a solid game.

pretty good

It was alright but after stage 3 its complicated and hard