Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"


I haven't played it yet and i hope to right now! Bye!!! :)


type this in class
also shout out to my gay
friend Marshall who sucks
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good but really fucking gay near the end

Its fun. Ima fast typer. But theres a glitch where i kill a guy w/ a flash bomb and he just keeps coming even though i alrdy killed him. Then theres another glitch where on the last level, there are no guys w/ flash bombs but i am getting bombed, then shurikened, then bombed, and so on so forth. Really fuckin gay. Try to fix that. Other than that good typing game. U take typing into something thats repititve, but fun. Archers arent as much help as they should be, though. And itsa TYPING GAME, Y ARE THEIR ARROW KEYS AT THE BOSSES?!?! 3/5.


I have a small problem,the reason i didn't give it a 10.I just can't get pass the guys with the shurikens (boss) cause i don't know...i tried pressing fast space but it didn't work...then i tried tapping not so fast and it didn't work...please someone tell how to pass it...Excelent Game,very addicting:)

cool game

i like it,a educational game that's fun. My main critsim are the letters need to be bigger.keep this in mind for pt 2