Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"

ha awesome game

this game is realy cool all the reviewers below me are mentaly retarded it is not a difficult game i didnt die till lvl 5 which gets a little ridiculous on the boss and i started on normal difficulty but if you can type faster then and 5 year old you should be able to play this game easy Favorits >:>


it sux balls but graphix good and good for a first game but ewww i hated it is impossible to play and just annoying

Pretty Damn Good....

Especially being a first game. Can't wait to see how NH II turns out. PEACE

First game?

This is epic for a first game, well done
but I dont get the boss on level three

Difficult, but good difficult

This was kinda difficult, but in a good way. I didn't understand what I had to do in the boss fight with the red bar and the moving thing, though. Overall a good game, and great typing practise!