Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"


great game, sure has helped me get back up to par with my typing ability. this idea is pure gold. if I were you, I'd look into finding someone to make this more than just a flash game.


DUDE!! that was awesome! XDXD. Except I found 1 bug. The white bandanas (flash bomb), it happened a couple of times I typed and killed them but they continued runnning and threw their bomb at me even though they were dead... >.>


3 Years of Playing WoW payed off :P


continue like this and u may start ur own serie of this genre. Your animations just rock! If I were u, I would right away start a sequel, buddy! IT WAS VERY NIICE


AWESOME i wish i had this when i was in typing class, so i could have fun & learn one of the few useful things school has taught me. HOW DO YOU GET SUCH FLUID ANIMATION?

andvari3d responds:

The characters, the scroll that appears on the menu and the Temple entrance were modeled and animated in 3D Studio Max, and then vectorized to use them in flash, that's how I made the animations :)