Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"

Great Idea!

Yes! Great Idea!
It chalenges the real typing skills because you didn't just put random names on ninjas.
I'm an ace at typing and got 3rd at ranking.
Actually, i'm the 1st ranked, because the first place belongs to you, as you got 2kkk points. -.-

Protip: Add more ninjas per second, i only lost because i got tired.

Very challenging!

But requires quick fingers!

Great for a limited audience

The only way someone couldn't like this is if they don't know how to type. Since I took keyboarding lessons in school I can really get into this! Still, only perfect for us keyboarding jockeys.

Not bad ^^

This game is funny and nice.
It´s different than the most games.
I like it.
Good job ^^.


the game needs more killing