Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"


awesome game but i just cant beat the demon boss :*(

too hard

the shuriken guys were 2 hard


The bosses just kind of ruined the whole typing thing. Otherwise, I was @#$%ing awesome at the game and barely anything that fell ever even touched the ground. Also, losing a boss fight and the temple being instantly destroyed even though it was at full health... Harsh, much? Especially considering half of the time you aren't even sure you know what to do. Seriously, that's how I lost. Other than that, a very good game, nice graphics, nice gameplay (I pwn'd), nice job.

OMG, Ninjas. :D

Okay, why couldn't we have played this game instead of that Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing thing? D: I mean, come on! Ninjas! NINJAS!

I'm such a dork. XD Seriously, though. This game pwns. :D


i love typing games and this one rocked :D keep making more:D