Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"

I thought it was good but.......

when i got to the second level they started throwing death stars at me and my guy just stopet moving then loads of people came and like 9 were throwing death stars at me. my archer wasnt killing anyone and my guys health didnt move just the templs health did. it said press up above my guy i pressed it but my guy didnt crouch or anything i pressed it nothing happened.


Very fun game, very useful for typing practice. The only complaint is that, during boss battles, it's having issues recognizing space & arrow key strokes. Even with the keys still up on the screen, I'll try and hit the correct key combos, and they aren't recognized. Aside from the boss battles though, it works wonderfully.


:/great way to practice typing for anyone who needs help.


fun game over all i cant type fast at all.....


It was a bit hard to kill the demon boss. The typing was easy but you don't know WHEN to press the arrow when they show up. I suggest a time bar to tell you to press the said arrows. Great Game =D