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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep6"


how much longer till ffsx 7


This rpg owns so does the other ones!

Not Link!

hey, spoiler.
ANy way, great series, take your time with it.
Haste makes Waste


Its outher good episode but when will episode 7 be out...

the game is awesome

this game is awesome and i already beat the hard mode which is extremely hard XD but here is the technique if you are lucky first use dark power then when he attacks you you will survive with 7 hp the use gigabreak to recover all hp and dont waste your mp points use one pow breaker and def breaker and to healers which wil make you stay with 1mp XD(again) repeat and use overdrive after you use def breaker so he can stand in weak mode and you can beat him... all your movies rocks and hopes this helps beating the impossible hard mode XD