Reviews for "The Binding of Fenrir"


One of my favorite mythical creatures. I truly enjoyed and appreciated the story. its completely different hearing it rather than reading it over and over and over again. Thank you.

charyoshi responds:

O.o wow...you're welcome! thank you for the kind review and glad that you liked it.


Did anyone else notice that namco stole the names fenrir and glepnir for the game acecombat X?

charyoshi responds:

did you also know that they are powerful dark magics in fire emblem 2, the sacred stones?

Very interesting

I was interested in your Norse mytho story there, aside of your pictures going off beat with your narration and moving abit too fast and the sound being a little too out of tone you still did a great a job there and becasue I stayed interested and I couldn't help faving it I give you 10/10 5/5. :)

charyoshi responds:

:D wow! I never expected anybody to fav this old thing! yeah, i know that the sound is horrifiacally off, but i have no idea how to fix it. either way, it dosen't matter to me. I made this as an extra credit assignment after all. Thank you for your kind words, and I'll be working on how to fix sound synching problems for future flash movies. until then, I'll just have to say thanks again and glad that you enjoyed it! Also, furry FTW!

Holy Crap...

Sup buddy! Have you seen how many entries this dumb thing has?! A whole 10 people? Who woulda thought! Anyway, congratz on the score! (I bet Tom himself is up to this!)

charyoshi responds:

The score I attribute to my charming personality and writing style, seeing as how i cant synch sound with animation because flash is dum >:/

I also attribute the score to the wonderful users below who OMG!!!!!! XD

*uncontrollable laughing fit* THEY DELETED IT!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!! *maor lulz*

The ONE bad review of my movie was deleted by the other users of newgrounds XD

anyway, like i was saying earlier, i also attribute my score to the wonderful users who took pity on my movie and gave it a thumbs up, even if it was only a two. The real mindfuck about this isnt the score or even the reviews....People ADDED THIS ON THEIR FAVORITES!!! People! As in plural, as in MORE THAN ONE person added this movie to their fav's!! if this piece of crap was voted this high, i can only get better with practice!

anyway thanks for yet another high score to my movie, kthxbai

That was awsome

I never knew history could be so intresting. nice one. a little outta sinc, but a great movie none the less. Keep up the good work.


charyoshi responds:

Yeah, i know. I didnt either. Sorry about the syncing issues, i tried but the sound changed when i uploaded the full version. I plan to, but getting back in the grove is proving harder than it should be.

yeah yeah, i know -_-

also thanks for the vote and review