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Reviews for "Pacman Suicide"


OMGFGROFLMAO that was funny xD
"It is not a bad thing to suicide because it just has 256 levels" -_- lolz...

Top 50 Quality

The music was perfect and the animation of Pac-man was right on even with the parts that you usually don't see like the top and front of Pac-man. Great job this is the best Pac-man video I have seen here dude.


I always wondered what the front of Pacman's face looked like


it was funn and emo but also had a good point about pacman, one last thing what that song?

i didnt think it was too bad!

what was the song that was playing?

it would be better with spoken words, as opposed to just writing i think, to distinguish between the 2 minds(?) telling him what to do