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Reviews for "Meet and Fuck My Favorite"

Not bad!

Wait let me get this straight

Mrs Francois is married, she takes a student to her house, she take of her clothes, sucks your dick, fucks you, asks you to stay the weekend and COMPLETELY forget she is married

However perfect game still amazing

First of all, I am german. And so, maybe my english description is not the best ... like other members do write here. Because it doesn't is my native language, okay !?

Okay, I have written first some other reviews before I come to these game. And the reason is now good to notice. I love milf's. ^^

So it was hard to find several who I like really, always (or better almost) are there the girls more young and like virgins. Some like that really, no problem for me, but I understand under the sense from some adult games not as topic the first date and first sex. So my favorite Teacher here is really Mrs. Francois.

The gameplay as a pupil from her is funny, but not my fantasy. Nevertheless, it includes for me such a sweet intension, to meet she at home. And to make she with flirt really horny. Later also I enjoy it really, she to touch and to see / to hear her reactions.

Here, VadimGod has play with some dreams from everybody (like nurses, like hotel maids, like students, like career wife's).

The BJ and above all, the sex part is to short, but, for more we all can play "Sexation Quest 4 Samantha". So I can live with it. ^^

A shame that after these nice began - btw, to these time, I was doesn't knowing anything from the other game I have announce now ^^ - nevermore came out a new part in these kind, and - or with such a same story. Mrs. Francois is worth to deserve her own sim date game. Except the hair style one wonderful body.

The sound is great, also the background music. And it makes also special fun to give extra the wrong comments, clear to see.

Because, I am amused about her responses then same so how we do only flirt. ^^ Not much games can let you laugh and make you horny in both ways. This is able for it without any problem.

4 stars for the unbelievable Mrs. Francois ... my - special - favorite teacher ^^

I adore this one because I was crushing on a few teachers in highschool and college. This hit several fantasy points. Beautifully drawn. Well animated. A little more options on the finish and a nod to more nights with her to come would have made it a full five stars. Nice one.

Anyone knows the original name of the teachear? Game, GC, imageset, etc?