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Reviews for "Meet and Fuck My Favorite"

Pretty something

This time the game had BGM and sound effects to it. The last game didn't have that so I would say it's a step up.


funny lines u got there, too bad thats not how it is it real life, but its entertaining lol

Interesting, Horny challenge

A nicely laid out game that is both pleasing on the eye and quite a challenge on the brain power, especially when there's less blood in the primary brain than usual :P

The images are well drawn and animated. The concept is a relatively well used one with the kid and school teacher routine, but it has been well though through, complete with the method of chatting up the teacher, though I would suggest that during this you should have to go back to the start if you mess up.

The same can be said for the date part when you actually get to the teacher's house. Some of the stuff you could say there would actually get you pretty much thrown out of the house and probably looked at in a rather dim light next morning in school.

If anything, the game lasted far too short. Don't forget that for every mistake you make in the sack, you're going to make a woman less horny and she'll start to thing "Where's my vibrator, I'll just sort myself out".

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