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Reviews for "Flight and Dream"

Short, But Not Bad Nonetheless

The movie was short, but it was to definitely to the point of the bird's dream. The story may have not been original, but you executed it pretty well. The art was really nice, especially the design of the birds in the nest. The animation did fit well with the art. You did a good job on this.

Inkovic responds:

thank you, glad you like dit

this will probably get blammed for some reason

but you have definitely earned a fan with this inspirational clip... i hope you improve your art and keep up the good work. nice.

Inkovic responds:

thanks, i only spent a day on it so it wasn't going to be breathetaking but turned out rather well IMO

Black and white

Wow, I must say the animation isn't as breath taking as some of the movies are here but its definetly touching and very moving, the music choice is also very good and the bird is very expressional ... I like the fact you started with a black background at the beggining for the text and then ended it on a white background ... I guess its kinda like an optimistic message or something so very good, keep up the good work

Inkovic responds:

thank you, if you notice slightly each scene is gradully moving towards the evening :D