Reviews for "[HP] Artificial Nature"

Excellent quality!

From what I can hear its mastered quite well and fits the genre perfectly, at least in my opinion it does. No complaints here.

I'd really like to know what you used to master this track. More specifically the compressor and EQ.

Glad to see you on the top 5 with me. (I'm really not to happy with the top 2 though...)

ZaronX responds:

I promised all my friends I'd only be upset if I was beaten by a crappy game remix. I got into the top 5, much to my glee, but lo, in the top spot, a Zelda attempt that is... it leaves something to be wanted, let's say? Amazes me what kinda things get on the top list from game nostalgia.

I think Erik (blackhole) got to you about this already since he did some final touch-ups for me, but the mastering is largely done with FL's Fruity Visual EQ 2 thing, and the only compression my little brain understands at present to any degree is the default limiter, albeit beaten into submission to stop sucking everything into a vortex of horror for the ears. I'm not particularly fancy.

I can hear the Transformer's Boss theme in there.

lol I remember this on AVGN where it was the ONLY other musiv on the cartridge. nice mix to it. :3

ZaronX responds:

I'll just take your word for it...?

First Song I've DLed in a while

Yeah Bro, you rocked this. First time DLing a song in a while, it's now on my iPod

Jolly good!


Great song.

Amazing job, beautiful song...

You did a really nice job on this, keep up the good work. =)

Mild, yet Intense

The name is what first caught my eye. Very rarely can I say that a song induces a feeling of emotion in me, but this song does. I feel sort of melancholy, yet invigorated at the same time. It also instills a sort of sense of nostalgia, as it kind of reminds me of the old Mega Man X games for some reason. I wish I could find words to better describe this song, but I really can't. Love it, got it, listen to in my car on the way to work.

ZaronX responds:

Haha so it does everything I want it to then. Excellent~

Darin's story is melancholy, the game starting at quite possibly his lowest point, but here is where freedom sets in a bit and he starts feeling hopeful again.

As for nostalgia, I'm kinda going for some sort Metroidvanian Mega Man ZX sort of thing, I guess, so there's plenty of room for that too. C: