Reviews for "Welfare Queens"

Good work

While this is 100% accurate fact. You're are probably going to get a backlash of hate mail for it. People don't want to be told they are lazy. They'd rather stay with the thought that there's no jobs out there. When in fact there is. I mean, I found a job not 2 weeks after I left my old one. It's not hard people, you just need to apply yourself. I also live in a neighborhood where over 50% of the people are dependent on welfare or fake some "psychotic" disease to get SSI. But I digress, good work, keep it up.

Witty, original and excellent

This is quite possibly one of the best things I have seen on this site, very amusing original bit of comedy with a deeper message.



Hit the nail on the head with this one. Nice to see someone remembers FDR's REAL legacy


First of all - the artistic part:
Nicely done animation, got a good flow, though i kind wished it would be with a narator but instead with some kind of textboards telling the storry - it just would fit better into the black and white kind of movie.

Secondary - the message:
It might be just me (im german so I might not think the way americans do - diffrent countrys/enviorment n stuff ^^ ) but, do I just totaly get it wrong or is this more a statment bout the fact that a lot of ppl actually do think that welfare and a social system are robbing there money, which is kind of sad in deed.
Maybe i get it wrong and you rll think this is all comunistic shit and should be removed so the stronger and 'better' get, well richer i guess, dono,
Sure, the oil industry, rich sports teams etc. need the money a lot more - right ....
Its a problem of sociaty that there are jobs that are so badly paied/vaged (don't know which word to use, you get the point) that its better to life on welfare.
If you could work for nothing more then the food on you plate - or get it for free, what would you do? Think bout it.

But hey, maibe im totaly wrong and thats just the case here and they actully are only abusing your social system to feed them selfs caus they are lazy bastarts.

Anyway - you got a rll good flash going, nice to see something that lets you think on this website from time 2 time,

toxicwes responds:

thanks for the thoughtful review. just to clarify, it's satire. i feel that welfare for the poor is necessary to civilized societies, but safeguards are needed in order to prevent abuse. CORPORATE welfare, however, makes me angry.


It wasn't on the globe.

...Great job though